Sunday, July 10, 2005


Just as you helped me to be pre-cum wet,
and butt-cheek sweat,

i want to reciprocate,
by putting something on your plate,

imagine this thing,
me behind your swing,

you standing facing the bed,
with your azz before my head,

my hands ever outreached,
to frame and pry apart your cheeks,

then to have my tongue,
approach the cavern of YUM,

just let me in for one moment,
so we feel the sweetest torment,

my finger tips typing at your muscle,
tongue straining to touch a corpuscle,

bend over my round sweet,
let taste a not ordinary treat,

just this once, please,
because, soon you'll be on your knees.

To be continued...

by kw, 9-11-04.


At 1:13 AM, Blogger lady lunaticc said...

damn can almost see it very vivid pictures. nice


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